Wednesday , April 24 2024

Why Do The Strongest Girls Feel Insecure All The Time

The strongest girls are the most beautiful, not because of how they look; these women are defined by something much greater than external beauty, their integrity.

They are the ones who look like they have everything together every moment of their lives. They pretend to be okay on the outside and it looks like they can conquer the world. But all the strong demeanour shields the world from reading their true feelings; their humanly insecurities.

The strongest girls don’t stand for the things they think aren’t worth their time. They don’t take crap from anyone in their lives. They surround themselves with close friends, the only ones who really matter to them and won’t hesitate for a minute before cutting the cord with someone whose toxicity is detrimental to their lives.

They’re the ones who don’t need a man to take care of them but that doesn’t mean they’re single. If they have a boyfriend, it’s a relationship between equals and they will do as much and take their boyfriend out on romantic dates to show that they care.

They’re the ones who would go the extra mile to take care of their friends and family. They would go out of their way to please the people they love. They’re the thoughtful ones that will ensure that their friends get the best birthday gifts, they’re the ones who will take their friends out for drinks after a break-up to cheer them up.

So, in addition to taking care of themselves, they’re the care-takers, the corner stones in everyone else’s life.

The strongest women are, however also very insecure because they want to do more, achieve more and know that they’re capable of great things. They’re the ones whose greatest accomplishments will be followed up with thoughts of how they could have done something better.

They are too hard on themselves and are in constant fear of failing. They want to climb to new heights and always feel like they’re not doing enough to get there which keeps feeding their insecurities.

They won’t settle for anything lesser than what they think they deserve and so they work that much harder and push themselves even more. They believe in themselves and know that they will reach the zeniths of success someday but till that day comes, they’ll keep doubting their every decision and every action.

They’re the girls who think they’re not strong enough to go on, not pretty enough, not brave enough, not experienced enough. And therefore, just like everyone else, they too need constant motivation from their friends and family, they need people to tell them that they’re enough.

Their tough exteriors fool people into thinking they don’t need the motivation or encouragement and hence people don’t push them which only adds to all their insecurities. You may think that they’re some sort of superhero but they really aren’t, they’re still human!

So, if you’re friends with this girl, tell her that she is brave and awesome because she needs your words of encouragement. She needs someone to tell her that she will make it someday.

Tell her that she is – ENOUGH.

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