Tuesday , September 29 2020

7 Pains You’ll Relate To If You Are An Extremely Impatient Person



Patience isn’t your virtue. The moment something requires patience to start with, your heartbeat increases, your feet start to tap, your mind goes on rumbling mode and you start grinding your teeth out of irritation.

If you too feel the same way, welcome to the gang. You are ‘impatient’, my friend and so, we present to you 7 things that only impatient people will relate to.

1. You hate people who work slowly.

You plan your ‘to-do list’ and get done with your work on time; sometimes, even before time. You hate the kind of people who take a really long time to finish their work. If at all you have to work alongside them for anything, they easily get on your nerves.

2. You blood reaches boiling point when ‘2 minutes’ turns into 30.

You know those days when you arrive on time but your friend is late and you sit there clueless about their whereabouts? You simply do not understand why people cannot be truthful enough to tell you how much time will they take to arrive at a place.


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