Monday , April 15 2024

The Most Expensive Things In The World

Most Expensive Video Game:
“Stadium Events”, Factory Sealed, NES
Price: $35,100

After selling only 200 copies this ancient game gem was recalled due to a rebranding modification and is now considered to be the rarest NES title ever sold in stores. Only 3 copies in a factory-sealed condition have survived these long years. Quick, check your grandpa’s attic, maybe it’s still there!

Most Expensive Bottle of Champagne:
Goût de Diamants (Taste of Diamonds) Limited Edition
Price: $1,867,000

Made exclusively from Grand Cru grapes, this bottle of fizzy goodness is usually adorned with a magnificent Swarovski crystal in the very center of a diamond-shaped logo, which, BTW, looks a lot like the Superman sign. But that’s just the “poor man’s” Goût de Diamants. The limited edition throws in a bunch of white gold and replaces the “tiny” Swarovski with shiny 19-karat flawless white diamond. Don’t be fooled, though, the champagne inside is exactly the same, so unless you have a few millions lying around, just get the “cheap” version.

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  1. hadiyabarakah


    Thank you for article which is really knowledge able, I really really like to put the name of persian saffron in your article, check saffron price in google and because as you know its kind a most expensive thing in world according to national nature creatures research department,
    According to me it cost in price of gold which usually asian girls wear, its funny but so true


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