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The 7 Most Expensive Cities To Buy Real Estate Property In

Home is probably the most important concept of the human mind. You know what they say: home is where the wi-fi connects automatically. Sadly, most of the time wi-fi isn’t enough, and we need things like infrastructure to be developed, for nearby shops to sell cheap liquor and food, and most importantly, to have at least some bragging rights about the location of your home-sweet-home.
If you have a few spare millions, this list might help you decide whether you should buy your new luxury villa on the outskirts… or a few square feet of living space in the center of a megapolis. So here we go, the 7 most expensive cities for real estate!

New York

New York is a classic city with sky-high buildings, expectations … and real estate prices. 1 sq. m. will cost you around $13,400, and keep in mind, it’s still the lowest point on this list.

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