Tuesday , June 28 2022

Here’s The Reason Why Some People Feel The Cold More Than Others

It always surprises and annoys me when i see people roaming around comfortably wearing shorts and T-shirts in winters. Because in that very moment, I look up in the sky and ask the almighty – Why me? Why this bias?

Here I am shivering under my five layers of warm clothes, rattling my teeth and almost at the brink of extinction and then there are these people who are enjoying winters like anything.

Then there are some who feel cold no matter what the weather is.

Don’t we all have that one colleague who wears a thick jacket even in summers? If you thought that the weather struggle is just restricted to winters then let me introduce you to Mr/Ms Extremely Sweaty and Mr/Ms Extremely Fresh. A chunk of people who sweat so much that they look fresh out of a swimming pool and then there are some who can pull of a three piece suit looking as fresh as a daisy flower. Do you ever wonder why?

We’re here to finally put the temperature debate to rest and figure out why some of us just don’t get to be comfy like the others.
Hot flashes and the extreme chills could be indicators of poor health

One of the main triggers of why some of us may always feel cold while others remain uncomfortably hot could actually be poor health.

According to various health reports, some of the factors that often go unnoticed but can be the reason behind hot flashes and chills are anemia, malnutrition, infection, weight issues (being both underweight and overweight poses various symptoms) and even silent thyroiditis.
How can one fix this? Regular health checkups and open dialog with your doctors.
More often than not we only visit the physician when we fall seriously ill. The idea is to not wait for your condition to get worse, instead, go for monthly or bi-monthly check ups. Maintain open communication with your family doctor and treat problems like these before they become even more serious – or worse, leave you constantly feeling uncomfortably hot or cold.

The reason why you’re always hot or cold could be stress!

Stressful situations such as fighting, excessive workloads and busy schedules could be one of the causes for your discomfort in normal temperatures.
For instance, if you suddenly start to feel extremely hot at work while everyone else appears to be drowning under layers of jackets, it can be because of the fight between you and your friends or family.
There’s a reason why they say that your professional and personal life should be miles away from each other. Try leaving your personal stress at home and go to work on a positive note.

Personal happiness can affect climate control

Apart from health and other physical factors that affect those who consistently feel weather extremes, is a person’s emotional state.

According to theories, when people feel depressed or lonely, they are more likely to shiver. However, when you are connected, you feel fuzzy and warm.
It’s a physical feeling that makes one receptive to hear and leave a person giddy.
Bottom line is when our hearts are cold, we are too — despite the actual temperature.

How to avoid feeling extra hot and cold?

Now that we need the root cause of uncomfortable temperatures what is the cure?

There are a few ways to eradicate the cold or cease the excessive sweating. From clothes to eating habits, our bodies can be made to adapt to the temperature.
Certain foods in different seasons can help the internal balance of hot and cold. For instance, eating soups and carbohydrates can help stay warm during the winter months.
Similarly, green and leafy veggies with lightly portioned meals can benefit you during the hotter, summer months.
At the end, the trick to avoid extreme cold or heat is to train your mind. Visualizing and imagining warmer places is actually proven to release chemical endorphin that help in maintaining body heat.

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