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Do You Know How These 10 Amazing Nuts & Fruits Grow?

You eat these every day. They’re spices that make your food taste better, vegetables that are staples of your favorite salads, and nuts that make up your travel mixes and treat your tastebuds. But do you know how they grow, how they’re collected, and how they are processed before you buy them at the store? Read on to find out.

1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds usually ripen in mid June but are collected in September. It’s at this time that the leaves of sesame plants turn yellow and eventually begin to fall. The seeds ripen in little pouches that “pop” when you touch them.

2. Peanuts

The largest supplier of good quality peanuts are all in South America, but they are also grown in many Post-Soviet countries. They ripen underground, and around the month of May the plant begins to emerge. Collecting peanuts is very similar to collecting potatoes. You dig out the roots and collect peanuts in their natural shells, which are then heat dried, and their contents are fried and peeled before being sold and served at your local pub.

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