Monday , April 15 2024

9 Critical Credit Card Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Credit cards are lovely. They give us the freedom to experience things without stressing too much about the money aspect of it. Credit cards really help us out, whether it’s buying the awesome television we always dreamed of or taking that vacation we longed for.

But the convenience it offers also aids in clouding our judgement. Acting as a safety net for our desires in life, credit cards are also big time trouble makers. It is like a honey-trap that often lands us in situations we try our best to avoid.

Here are some really helpful credit card hacks that’ll help you walk the fine line without unknowingly tipping over to the dark side of greedy banks.

1. Late bill payments

It is, of course, better than not paying your bill at all, but not a lot. Two things happen when you pay your bills late. You are levied a penalty worth a substantial amount, most often costing more than your minimum payment amount. Secondly, not paying up on time affects your credit score, which might not be a problem now, but will be a big problem when you apply for loans of a large sum, like a house loan or car loan.

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