Sunday , July 3 2022

10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Feet Said About You

Your feet, like your palms and eyes, can say a lot about you. Foot reading was an ancient practice in India and China for more than 5000 years. Many reflexologists have also studied the structure of feet and their co-relation with the character of a person. Here are some basic observations that are made according to your feet.

1. If your second toe is longer/shorter than your other toes

This condition is called Morton’s Toe. Morton’s toe indicates leadership qualities. It also means you value peace and harmony, more than success and money.

2. If your big toe is longer/shorter than other toes

You’re a creative thinker. You come up with smart solutions to problems. If your toe is smaller, then you’re a multi-tasker who does every task with great responsibility.

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