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10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House

Sometimes, especially when the weather becomes chilly, mice decide to move in with you. And any uninvited guest, you probably want to get rid of them as soon as possible. If you don’t want to hire an exterminator or buy those nasty mice traps, there are other, more humane ways to rid yourself of these unwanted visitors.

About Mice:

Mice are small rodents with a variety of species, of which the most commonly known is the house mouse, the main perpetrator of home infestations. These small, nocturnal mammals have lived side by side with humans for thousands of years, taking advantage of our pantries and warm dwellings.

Mice are also very common in scientific experiments, as their genetic makeup and biological traits are similar to those of humans, and are sometimes even kept as pets. The problem arises when wild mice, that carry parasites and cause structural damage by gnawing on wood, plaster, and even electrical wires, decide to call your house their home.

Dealing With an Infestation:
1. Peppermint oil: The powerful odor overwhelms the mouse’s sense of smell, and can be used as an effective deterrent. Stick cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil in any mouse hole you can find, and see how the little vermin run for the hills.
2. Sealing entry points: Block any mouse hole you find in the house, then check under your house/basement for any holes, cracks, nooks, etc. Once sealed, mice will have a hard time coming back into your home.
3. Steel wool: Stick steel wool in any mouse hole you find. The little pests will have a hard time chewing through it, which should prompt them to seek other, more mice-friendly homes.

4. Keep your home clean: The easiest way to draw the attention of mice is to have food lying around the house. Keep your home clean and the mice won’t be attracted to it.
5. Dried snake excrements: Yuck! But, snakes are mice natural predators, and the smell of snake poo is usually enough to scare mice as far away from your home as possible. You can find them at pet stores and zoos.
6. Traps: There are different kinds of mouse traps that don’t kill or hurt the little creatures. There are humane smart mousetraps that cost as little as $14, and only contain the mouse until you let it out somewhere safe. The only downside is that you have to release the mice outside your home yourself.
7. Glue traps: These traps are a sheet of paper, covered in glue. You place a piece of food in the middle and leave them near mouse holes. The mice will come to check the new, seemingly unattended piece of food and get stuck in the glue. These traps are not ly to kill the mice, and you can release them in the wild, far away from your home.
8. Ultrasonic deterrent: There are small ultrasonic devices that plug into an available socket and produce a noise that mice cannot stand (but is inaudible for humans). Some people swear by these noisemakers.
9. Kitty litter: Spread a little litter in places you suspect mice might be using to come in and out of. The smell is a powerful deterrent.
10. Get a cat:While this may seem less humane, it’s natural, and the smell of the cat will serve to deter any mice from taking residence in your home, and your new feline friend will make short work of any uninvited guests.

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