Wednesday , April 24 2024

You Can Relate These 7 Things If You’re A Foodie At Heart

Are you someone who spends a good amount of time planning your meals? Are you the one who doesn’t mind waiting in line to get your favorite dessert? Are you the one to get annoyed when someone asks you to share your food? Well, if all this is true, you will surely relate to the seven things listed below because you are a foodie at heart:

1. You plan your meals.

Right from your breakfast to your dinner, you plan your meals. It isn’t strange if you find yourself planning your next meal while having the current one. So while having breakfast, you might be planning your menu for lunch and while having lunch, you might be planning your dinner.

2. The concept of dieting is greek to you.

Well, did someone just say dieting? What is that? Some people eat to live and some live to eat and you surely belong to the latter category of people. You don’t understand how people stay away from delicious food for even a day let alone a fortnight. Dieting isn’t something that is made for you.

3. You have practically tried all the eateries in the city.

Your friends know who to call while looking for some good places to try for food for you are the first one to try every new restaurant in the city. You are their most trusted connoisseur when it comes to food.

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