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Adulterated Groceries We Get In The Market

How to check Adulterated groceries we get in the market?

13 Smart Ways To Spot Adulterated Food

Be it milk, paneer, tea or oil, nothing comes in its purest form. Until the time it reaches you it is adulterated and it then becomes harmful. Therefore, here are 13 tricks to spot the golmaal that happens with your daily food items.

1. Tea

The chai you’re drinking isn’t coming straight away from the Assam fields.

How to spot fake: In order to check whether the chai powder is pure, put a teaspoon of it in cold water; if the cold water turns brown then your chai is adulterated!

2. Frozen peas

We stock frozen peas in our refrigerators because they come in handy. However, some packets consist a dye compound called ‘malachite green’, which can trigger stomach related ailments.
How to spot fake: Take water in a kadhai and put some peas and stir. If the water turns green, then immediately discard the packet as they are unsafe to consume.

3. Cinnamon sticks

You can find out if you have bought authentic cinnamon sticks.
How to spot fake: Smash the sticks with your hands, if your hands get coloured then they are authenticate, if not then they aren’t.

4. Turmeric root

Even if you’re crushing the turmeric roots and consuming it, the roots can be fake.
How to spot fake: Take a turmeric root on paper and pour cold water over it. If the root leaves colour, it’s a polished one and is impure.

5. Apples

A polished apple will not keep you away from the doctor, but will take you to one. Did you know that apples are polished with wax to give them a ‘fresh’ look?
How to spot fake: To see if your apple isn’t wax covered, take a knife and slowly scrape the skin of your apple. If the knife extracts white, then that’s wax!

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