Monday , April 15 2024

9 Signs That You Are A Coffee Addict

The wafting aroma of freshly brewed coffee is your own form of ecstasy and slipping your fingers around the curves of a hot cup of coffee and sipping the heavenly drink gives you the much-needed recharge for the day – If this is the case with you, then you are just like me my friend, A coffee addict!

1. You’ve tried decaf and failed miserably.

The thought of going back to it gives you the chills.

2. You have a million coffee mugs stored.

Courtesy of people who know your coffee love and end up gifting you a mug. From colleagues to best friends everyone has gifted you a mug, at some point in life. You have every possible type of coffee mug especially the one with your photo on it.

3. You understand that cappuccino, mocha and espresso are three different entities.

They are three totally different beverages with diverse ingredients.

4. You think nobody can make better coffee than you.

You take pride in making your coffee and make it a point to get everyone to taste it, not because you love sharing but because you want them to know of your great skills.

5. A headache, Drowsiness or even a breakup – you know a cup of coffee can fix it all.

Whatever be the problem, piping hot coffee to the rescue!

6. You’ve had cups of coffee just before sleeping and ended up with insomnia countless times.

Because how can dinner be complete without a cup of coffee?

7. You’ve repeated the above multiple times and regretted it every morning.

You feel super drowsy in office the next day but then there’s coffee break. So hey, all’s good!

8. You don’t consider machine made coffee as actual coffee.

Of course, milk powder isn’t real milk!

9. You promise yourself to reduce your coffee intake every day but you end up having even more.

Because you just can’t help it. It’s mandatory for survival.

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