Friday , April 19 2024

7 Healthy Grilled Sandwich Recipes That You Can Make In Under Ten Minutes

The best thing about sandwiches is that they are quick, easy and healthy. To make it healthier you can use variety of multi grain breads and add different fillings. We have listed a few quick sandwich recipes that can work as wholesome meal, a quick lunch or may be a lazy weekend dinner.

1. Beetroot and Avocado sandwich

Grated beetroot, radish, avacados with a spread of hummus makes it a perfect evening snack for teatime or even breakfast with a glass of chilled cold coffee.

2. Evergreen cucumber, cream cheese and mayo sandwich

For this all you need is sliced cucumbers, cheese, mayo and ofcourse a healthy bread base. It’s advisable not to pack these for lunch because cucumber can make the sandwiches a bit soggy.

3. Spicy dosa masala sandwich

This can be a perfect lunch time sandwich; it is made from potato filling that goes into a masal dosa. It also makes for a great tea time snack.

4. Avocado and cottage cheese sandwich

This is an excellent go-to nutritious sandwich and is full of healthy fats. If you want you can add a dash of mint chutney to your sandwich to add that zing to it.

5. Tofu and lettuce sandwich

It is great option for vegans; you can marinate your tofu in hung curd and mustard for some spicy punch and grill it.

6. Grilled mushroom sandwich with herbs

Mushrooms are just perfect for breakfast! Finely chopped mushrooms, herbs of your choice and mustard sauce mixed well and spread on your favourite bread makes for an amazing breakfast.

7. Roasted vegetable sandwich with cottage cheese

Grilled vegetables are delicious and makes for a quick office lunch. This sandwich is packed with the goodness of different vegetables and spiced with peri-peri spice mix. The cottage cheese provides a lovely creamy texture to offset the crunchy veggies.

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