Wednesday , April 24 2024

5 Surprising Foods That Give You Bad Breath

Bad mouth odour is always linked to the condition of your stomach, especially to the food you eat. You’ll be surprised to know that certain foods are giving you chronic bad breath, even if you’ve been avoiding obvious foods like garlic and onions.

1. Mints

Surprisingly enough, the mints that are supposed to give you a fresh mouth are the ones that eventually lead to bad breath. As soon as the presence of the menthol wears off, your breath becomes even poorer than before.

2. Sweet Foods

The sweeter, the worse! When you indulge your sweet tooth, you treat not only yourself but also the bacteria living in your mouth, which multiply like crazy. Hence, your breath gets worse.

3. Proteins

We all know how pungent smelling ammonia is. This compound is actually produced when proteins are processed by the body. However, avoiding proteins is not the solution – if you’ve been overdoing it, just restrict your intake to normal levels instead.

4. Acidic Foods

Coffee, tomato juice, citrus juices, ketchup, eggs, pickles, butter, pasta sauce, etc. have the tendency to facilitate the production of bacteria that cause bad-breath. Avoiding these will not only help your mouth but will also protect your stomach against acidity.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol also tends to dry out your mouth. Dry mouths have lesser saliva, and saliva contains oxygen, which is vital for the reduction of bacteria in the mouth.

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