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23 Of The World’s Weirdest Dishes That Promise To Make Your Stomach Churn

You’d be surprised by how much blood and guts come on someone’s dinner plate than it does from a horror movie! We’re no one to judge, but some of the dishes listed here will not go down easy. Pun intended. A word of caution to the wise: do not read this during your lunch hour.

1. Cock’s Comb (or Cockscombs)

This ‘dish’ made of the crest or the red fleshy skin on a rooster’s head is relished in Italy and France.

2. Surströmming

Surströmming or rotten fish is a dish where fish are marinated in brine and tinned. This sour herring is a traditional northern Swedish dish. The smell can be pretty off-putting so head to to your backyard before opening a can.

3. Dragon in the Flame of Desire

Dragon in the Flame of Desire is a steamed or fried yak penis on a plate. The Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing continues to take many orders for the same.

4. Drunken Shrimp

More like ‘stunned’ shrimp since that’s what the process of marinating shrimp in a strong liquor (baijiu) before consuming it, is called. This one’s another popular dish in China.

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