Sunday , September 27 2020

15 Places To Drink At If You’re A Woman And Alone


Current times have changed our definitions of relaxing and partying. Weekends have been defined by the number of parties we are invited to, and the best way to unwind in a short span of time is by visiting pubs.

The growth in India’s pub culture has been tremendous and all over a small period of time. We boast of everything from female bouncers to pub crawls. We even have a law allowing pubs to remain open all night, increasing the prospects of fun. However, it has also raised the question about women’s safety in this era of rising crimes. We keep hearing stories of women being assaulted and raped by random drunk men at parties and cab drivers at the end of a long tiring and drunk night.


And consequently, one of the biggest problems for women, especially single women, has been the crowd in pubs that often cause more nuisance than relaxation. But fear not, because there are various places in India where women can be comfortable and enjoy a night of partying all alone.

Take a look at a few places you can visit even if you’re alone, and enjoy a night of unwinding.

1. Zerzura


This magical and aspiring lounge in the heart of Delhi is the perfect place to party and unwind on a weekend. From the interiors and ambience to the actual experiences that this lounge provides, you are bound to be transported to a different magical place. Its ambience is inspired by the hidden oasis that Hamis found, and its cuisine will take you to the desert.

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