Wednesday , June 29 2022

15 Delicious French Dishes You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

French cuisine and Indian cuisine are poles apart. French cuisine sounds fancy and is all about layering flavours and savouring every bite. Indian food is however all about the masalas. To get an idea of how interesting French cuisine can get, here are 15 French dishes, you must try at least once in your life…

1. Baked Camembert

This dish is cheesy, gooey and decadent at its best. Made out of cheese, garlic and sprigs of thyme, it tastes like heaven.

2. Reblochon

The taste of French cheese is the authentic taste of cheese, and will take a long time to get off your tongue. Made from cow’s raw milk in the Alps, Reblochon is a soft washed-rind and smear-ripened with an unforgettable nutty taste.

3. Pissaladière

Similar to pizza, Pissaladière has a somewhat similar dough to that of a Margherita Pizza. Originating in Southern France, this dish has toppings of onions, olives, garlic and anchovies.

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