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13 Stalls Around India You Have To Eat Golgappas At At Least Once In Your Life

Pani puri, golgappas, gupchups or phuchkas one word is enough to make you feel nostalgic. And enough to make you run down the road to get your fill of the snack! Golgappas, or the sundry other ways they’re known as, are hands down the most popular one in this multi-cultural nation. The crunchy puris filled with tangy spiced water have not only mesmerised Indian audiences but are also flooring foodies internationally.

The love affair with golgappas seems endless, but it’s really no mystery why. The simple, easy-to-eat gastronomical wonder presents itself in different avatars. From mashed potatoes to chickpeas, from tamarind water to raw mango pulp, the amazing pani puri continues to enthrall us. Take a look at some of Indias hottest spots to wolf down a plate or two. Seriously, who

1. Elco, Mumbai

Treating oneself to some yummy pani puri after a shopping spree at Hill Road, Bandra, is a lovely routine to follow. Regarded as the best chaat house of the city, Elco will surprise you with its lip-smacking flavoured water balls. It is priced slightly higher at Rs. 60 per plate, serving six pieces, but Elco is worth every penny. You can savour this tangy, spicy treat with the hygienic environment only tempting you further.

2. Sindhi Pani Puri House, Chembur Sindhi camp, Mumbai

Mumbai, being a cosmopolitan city, believes in adding variation. Just like Sindhi Pani Puri House, that’s been serving hatke pani puris for over 30 years. Opening at 4.00 pm sharp, till 10.00 pm every single day, Sindhi House serves their famous ice-cold boondi-filled tangy pani puris. The tiny roadside kiosk is also a hit for its Dahi Puri and Mirchi Bhajji.

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