Wednesday , September 23 2020

12 Things You Would Relate To If You Can’t Decide What To Eat Ever


Life is difficult for people who can’t decide what to eat. Poor guys, struggling to make the most important decision – What to eat? Because, what if the dish they order looks pale in front of what’s being ordered on the next table? What if that wrap isn’t as fancy as it looks in the menu? What if…god forbids…it tastes like poison?

For picky eaters, the struggle is real. Here’s a real life scenarios that every person who can’t decide what to eat would relate to…

1. You love hotel menus so much that you don’t look at them, you study them


Like it’s the entire syllabus, and you’ve got to pick up your favourite topics.

2. You ask people for suggestions, they suggest, but you still eat what you want

One of the reasons why your friends hate going out with you. You go to a restaurant, the one your friend recommended. But when its time to order you’re not quite convinced. Happens all the time? Well…

3. You want this. You want that. You want everything


Damn those momos look great. But what about those honey-glazed chicken wings? And those beer battered shrimps? How about ordering it all?

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