Tuesday , September 26 2023

11 Weird Food Combinations You Need To Try At Least Once In Your Life

While some food combinations may gross you out, there are others who may relish it. Because some flavours are just meant to go together. In other words, you NEED to give these a try!

1. Nutella Appam

The South Indian spongy rice pan cake isn’t just great with sambhar and curry. It can double as a substitute crepe that goes equally well with Nutella.

2. Jam and cheese

Cheese doesn’t just go well with butter or mayonnaise. The salty nuttiness goes really well with sweet jams and preserves. It might sound too rich, but a treat once in a while isn’t too bad.

3. Bhindi and sugar

Bhindi masala and sugar make for a spicy buttery taste of homemade love with crunches of sweetness.

4. Pepperoni and jam

Pepperoni is only thought of as a topping for pizza. But did you know the cured sausage is magic when in a jam sandwich.? I prefer strawberry, but any jam is fine, depending on its sweetness and compatibility with the salty spiciness of the pepperoni.

5. Ice-cream and french fries

Creamy sweetness and crunchy saltiness, hot and cold, soft and crisp. Don’t believe me? Try it out at any fast food joint where they sell both french fries and ice-cream.

6. Mayonnaise and Bhujia

This is one of my personal favourites. Bhujia goes well with ketchup but that’s a given. Mayonnaise is a completely western take, and was discovered when a Belgian friend added it to balance out the spiciness. The Belgians love mayonnaise with French fries, if you’re wondering where he got the bizarre idea.

7. Chips and chocolate sauce

Don’t have chocolate sauce? Nutella or chocolate will also do.

8. Peanut butter and celery sticks

Not only does it taste great, it’s a healthy snack too!

9. Grape jam and bacon

Crispy salty bacon rashers go extremely well with sweet and sumptuous grape jam.

10. Chocolate chilli

It may not have taken off in India but chocolate and chilli may no longer be considered a weird food combination. Crazy chocoholics have taken a huge liking to it.

11. Chicken cooked in Coca-cola

Sounds disgusting but chicken fillets cooked in boiling Coca-cola with ketchup, barbecue sauce and honey makes for an interesting curry that can be enjoyed with rice.

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