Friday , June 25 2021


20 Best Dance Styles From Around The World

Everyone loves yummy food, but the definition for it is different around the world… it’s the same with dancing! Dance is an art form that can express any emotion, and when done spontaneously, in a big group, it really is the universal sign for joy. But the actual dance moves …

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Why Do New Diseases Keep Appearing In China

You’ve likely heard that the coronavirus epidemic had probably started in an exotic animal market in Wuhan, China, with the first victims of the virus catching it from one of the animals. What most people don’t remember, however, is that the 2003 SARS epidemic started in an eerily similar fashion. …

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The Best Kids Pranks Of The Year Compilation

Kids make for some of the best pranksters, and that’s even before we asked them to do these funny pranks and gags! So it goes without saying they had a lot of fun scaring, alarming or just perplexing these innocent victims. In the end, it all ends in smiles, from …

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The Craziest Motorbike Stunts You’ve Ever Seen

Balance is the key component required when pulling off daring motorbike stunts. You won’t believe the level of balance one stuntman exhibits while performing some of the most insane motorbike tricks you’ve ever seen. After watching the video, you’ll be wondering how he managed to stay on the bike! Enjoy …

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The Most Dangerous Car In The World

Current car safety tests are disappointing and outdated, to say the least. For example, did you know that most car safety tests are designed only with male drivers in mind, which makes female drivers 47% more likely to suffer a major injury as a result of a car crash? This …

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