Monday , June 24 2024

A Fashion Lover’s Guide To Wearing Sunglasses On Different Occasions

Different occasions mean trying different looks for both, men and women. But did you know that an essential part of putting your ensemble together is also about getting the right pair of sunglasses? With the raising temperature and scorching sun, your shades become your savior and style enhancer. Inspired by this year’s summer fashion trend, we decided to share various types of frames any guy or a girl can rock this season. These unise* shades will make sure that you look your best in every occasion.

So, here’s an amazing pick for every one of you this summer.

1. Mirrored sunglasses for a cool beach party.

Who doesn’t like to done bright sunglasses to cool off when the weather warms up? These edgy shades are surprisingly versatile and make you look sophisticated yet fun loving at the same time. Forget accessories and just add mirrored glasses to your beach party look. You’ll definitely turn many heads.

2. Classic navigators for a casual brunch.

While wearing a casual or a semi-casual outfit always make it a point not to match the colour of your polarised sunglasses with your dress colour. It will give a very raw impression of your entire look. Always try to opt for black shades.

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