Friday , April 19 2024

Beautifully Carved Ice Cubes That’ll Add An Edge To Your Peg Of Whiskey

The creative world that we live in has no limits, and neither does advertising. One of the oldest Japanese brewing and distilling companies, Suntory, renowned for its history and heritage in whiskey making, made use of some really kickass technology to come up with a collection of CNC-milled ice cubes specially for their product. The cubes were not just intricately crafted, but the shapes ranged from an astronaut to Kinkaku-ji, a Japanese temple. The most amazing part is that each ice cube was sculpted from a single block of ice and carved into three-dimensional figures.

It was a combined effort by Suntory and agency TBWA/Hakuhodo. According to Miwako Fujiwara from the agency, the CNC router was chilled at -7 degree Celsius to keep the ice from melting. The agency then used Autodesk 123D, an app, to capture the 3D images and prepare them for printing.

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