Sunday , May 26 2024

Amazing Street Trash Drawings

I am in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. It has a very famous and beautiful old town with abundant culture heritage and natural resources. However, lots of trash cover the streets.
I decided to use this wasted paper for art so I started a project: early in the morning, with a pen, a painting board, and no paper, I cycle in the alleys of Dali Old town and collect wasted paper. Once I find some paper or cardboard, I dismantle the wrappers, flatten it, and draw the architecture in front of me directly on it. After that, it will be nailed to the wall exactly where I picked it so that it could be seen by more people.
I want people to see art in our everyday life, even if it’s on wasted paper.

Firstly, I find waste paper on the streets

Then I sit down where I found it and draw what I see around me

The last thing I do is leave the finished drawing on walls for other people to find

Take a look at few of my works

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