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The Most Terrifying Bridges On Earth Revealed

Would YOU dare to walk along these? The most TERRIFYING bridges on earth revealed

If you are afraid of heights you may wish to steer clear of Aiguille Du Midi in the Alps with its 9,200 ft drop This bridge at least is sturdier than the rickety Hussaini bridge in Pakistan, constructed from tiny bits of wood Here are MailOnline Travel’s selection of vertigo-inducing bridges that could scare even the bravest of travellers

If you are afraid of heights you will probably want to look away now.

Here are some of the most precarious or just plain scary bridges that face brave adventurers around the world.

Those who suffer from vertigo may want to steer clear of the Millau Viaduct in France, which is the tallest bridge in the world. It has one mast that’s a dizzying 1,125 feet above the ground.

One of the most harrowing suspension structures in the world is the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan which features large, nail-biting gaps between tiny planks of wood.
It is not the only bridge that could scare even the calmest of explorers. Every year the local villagers in the Andes near Huinchiri, Peru reconstruct their grass-made Q’eswachaka Rope Bridges which tourists can pay a small fee to cross, before it disintegrates.

Fears were realised last week, meanwhile, when a glass-bottomed walkway on the Yuntai Mountain, Henan Province in China, shattered under foot, leaving tourists unharmed but screaming and the bridge closed for repairs.

Stomach-jolting: You have to have nerves of steel to risk death or serious injury when you take on one of the world’s most dangerous trails – Mount Hua in China. It features stomach-churning drops, vertical ascents, steep staircases and narrow walkways, with only a small chain to cling onto

One way of getting across the Hunza River in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan is by the rickety Hussaini bridge, which consists of various pieces of wood strapped horizontally

A long way to go: Trift Bridge in Switzerland is the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Alps at 557 feet in length

The Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland hangs 9842 ft above sea level and offers mountainous views – and sweaty palms – for those willing to travel across it

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