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Musical Instruments That Look And Sound Like They Are Out Of This World

Dmitriy Gubarev is a true artist and musician. Born in Ukraine, Svitlovodsk, he always had a passion for native music, symbols, culture, art and was always dreaming to make his own musical instruments.
As with many artists, Dmitry had to work a full-time job (as an industrial alpinist!) and his daily job meant he had to climb high towers and huge buildings to provide technical services of many kinds. On the night time thought and all of the weekends he would work on his dream to make his Tongue drums (officially GUDA Drums) and all this was also combined with the family life, as Dmitry had and still has a wonderful wife and a beautiful little daughter who was a toddler back then.

The daily struggles and the drive to create were mixing in a cocktail of joy, happiness and frustration for him. Every artist’s climb is always a great story to tell, and if you would like to find more about the full story of his success, visit his website.

But for now just enjoy the beauty of his creations, as there is something absolutely divine and Out of This World in his beautiful musical instruments. As an owner of one of these drums, I couldn’t let go the thought of writing about Dmitry’s art for over a year.

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