Wednesday , April 24 2024

How Stuff Works (50 GIFs) Collection

It is high time to use the Internet for something other than funny memes, cat videos and po… Pokémon, I was about to say Pokémon. We’re always surrounded by stuff. Unspecified things everywhere! The floor beneath your feet, the roof above your head, bricks in the walls, zipper in your pants, lock in your door and everything else around you has been manufactured one way or another. Yet we rarely stop and think “how condoms are made” or “how did they manage to squeeze the toothpaste inside the tube”. We just take it for granted and we’re missing out on a lot of cool things. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these GIF’s are bloody comic books!
If you’re still reading this, instead of frantically scrolling to see the next fascinating GIF, you probably want to know what awaits you ahead. It’s a hand-picked collection of 50 animated GIFs that will teach you a thing or two about stuff you’re surrounded with and shedding some light on how the world works.

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