Monday , April 15 2024

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Whenever you’re planning your vacation, there’s one thing you should consider before choosing your final destination (pun intended) – some of the cities are not human-friendly, and by that I mean there’s a high chance of getting shot, stabbed, wounded or just killed there. Sadly, some of the most beautiful countries of Latin America and Africa appear to have the highest numbers of dangerous cities. And the main reason of the excessive violence in these regions is caused by the drug trafficking combined with gang wars, political nonsense, and widespread poverty.

Apart from Latin America and Africa, some US cities have also made the cut, but not because of the poverty or drug dealers. It’s most likely because some people are just dirtbags.

Anyway, the following 10 cities are some of the most dangerous places on the planet, so plan accordingly if you ever decide to visit them. The numbers, I believe, are from 2015, so they’re fairly fresh as well as incredibly horrifying. This is all going on basically right around the corner.

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