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The 8 Most Bizarre Beauty Standards Ever

There are a lot of isolated groups in this world. Their strange rituals and traditions can be shocking, but let’s not hate them for being different. Their culture is what makes them act accordingly. The modern world has a lot of trends that are still misunderstood.

1.Long Earlobes (Maasai tribes of Kenya)

Many tribes around the world have their traditions, and people of the Western civilization just can’t understand them. Their body modifications are nothing, but their vision of beauty.
Their gender roles are very distinct, but both men and women see beauty as an essential part of their lives. It’s not only about original ornaments, bangles, and beads. They are still following this weird tradition of stretching earlobes. They use different methods of stretching and these facts are documented as well. Sometimes they use weight to elongate their lobes and in other cases they stretch them with larger pieces of tusk, wood, stone, thorn. The oldest tribe members have the largest earlobes. Often, they decorate stretched lobes with brilliant beadwork.

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