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Dare To Visit USA’s 7 Most Haunted Houses?

All across the USA, there are thousands upon thousands of allegedly haunted houses, however, some of these spooky locations are actually far more haunted than others. Below, you’ll find seven such terrifying properties, along with the unexplained mysteries that still surround them to this very day…

1. Lemp Mansion: St. Louis, Missouri

Dare To Visit USA's 7 Most Haunted Houses?

Once one of the richest families in all of the USA, the Lemps’ legacy is now mystery and death. The family earned an enormous fortune due to their popular brewery, but Lady Luck was unfortunately not on their side. The Lemps were plagued by numerous untimely family deaths, yet the most disturbing legend of all is that of the deformed child that apparently spent its entire life in the attic, and which was allegedly the result of William Lemp Jr’s affair with a prostitute.

2. McPike Mansion: Alton, Illinois

Dare To Visit USA's 7 Most Haunted Houses?

Alton, Illinois, is known to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. The McPike Mansion is by far Alton’s most famous haunted house, and many people have reported paranormal activity there. The ghosts of all the former owners are believed to haunt the mansion. Legend has it that it’s part of a Native American curse, while some folks believe that it is due to it formerly being an old stop on the infamous Underground Railroad.

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