Friday , April 19 2024

A Husband Asks Wife To Draw What’s On Her Mind

Stephen from the US recently posted a drawing of his wife’s mind and it went viral. He asked her to draw what she’s thinking and the elaborate map of her thoughts shows that it’s nowhere near ‘nothing’!

“I thought the drawing was hilarious,” Stephen told Bored Panda. “She’s always telling me that she has trouble falling asleep (to the point where she sometimes writes short novellas in her mind to distract her enough so she can drift off to sleep). She often mentions that I would not be able to survive a day in her brain and after seeing this drawing, I just may believe her.”

“Asked my wife to draw me a picture of what is on her mind. This is her response”

A professional multitasker, she manages to juggle work, bills, household, and waffle poots

When it comes to kids, they need a diagram within a diagram…

But her husband Stephen crosses her mind in the most loving way possible

And some other things cross her mind, too…

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