Wednesday , April 24 2024

A 10-Year-Old From Indonesia Has Weighed In At An Unbelievable 192kg (423lbs)

The world’s fattest boy who weighs 192 kilos at the age of 10 is put on a crash diet
A morbidly obese ten-year-old, who is reduced to wearing just a sarong because other clothes do not fit him, has been put on a crash diet over fears he may die.
Arya Permana, named the world’s fattest child, weighs 192 kilograms and eats five meals a day consisting of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and Tempeh – a soy patty large enough to feed two adults.

Arya, from West Java Province in ‪#‎Indonesia‬, has dropped out of school as he can no longer walk and his mother Rokayah said he is ‘perpetually hungry’.
Arya’s parents have decided to limit the amount the ten-year-old eats per day and he is now on a diet of just brown rice.

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