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7 Of The Most Weird Pools On Earth

Summer is here! Unless you’re blessed with the opportunity to live at sea and, therefore, have the privilege of finding aquatic pastimes to be as unique as going to a local Starbucks, I bet you feel like diving into a container filled with oh-so-refreshing water we call pools at the moment. Of course, water is water, no matter where you’re jumping into it. In the dog days, splashing in a backyard pool is equally as phenomenal as having a swim in style in a customized artificial lake. Nonetheless, it’s a million times more fun to celebrate the summer fever in a place that, in addition to cooling you off, would also give you a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Found in the fanciest resorts and located in the most jaw-dropping surroundings, the pools you’ll see below will make you want to do a cannon ball into one of them!

The Cambrian Hotel pool, Switzerland

Being rated as one of the top 20 Swiss wellness hotels and spas means a hell of a lot. The Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden has an unimaginable infinity pool looking right over the Alps. The unique reservoir would certainly earn the hotel bonus points if the competition of the world’s best hotels took place.

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