Monday , April 15 2024

7 Jugaads That Turned Out To Be Great Indian Innovations

No one can be as resourceful as a jugaad loving Indian. These quick fixes are what keeps most of us going. While most of us turn to these quick fixes when we run out of other options, these people have actually managed to invent a permanent solution for their problems. After all, no one can beat us in our own game of quick fixes, eh?

1. Jugaad

Is this is motorbike or a rickshaw? It’s neither! This ingenious vehicle is actually called jugaad! Cheap and effective!

2. Jugaad For A Smoother Ride

This super effective jugaad is a hit on the streets of Gujarat. Someone finally figured out a cheap way to keep bikers safe especially during Uttarayan, the popular kite festival. This wire frame deflects kite manjas and ensures that bikers have a smooth ride.

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