Friday , April 19 2024

15 Crazy Facts That Will Make You Say ‘No Way!’

What do we really know about the world we live in? There are facts that we take for granted because someone said they were true. But none of us has actually checked them using our own eyes, hands and ears. We think it’s just common sense, but is it really so? Or maybe we’re being constantly deceived by a bunch of people? There are ‘facts’ so incredible that it’s hard to tells if they’re false or not. Here’s a bunch of crazy statements that will make your jaw drop.

The ultimate killing machine

We’ve been afraid of the mighty and scary-looking shark for so long that we’ve totally forgotten about the more ancient and menacing enemy that dreams to annihilate humankind. Maybe it’s an act of revenge for millions of coconuts we’ve slayed and drank over the course of human history? Who knows. But the fact is: coconuts kill 150 people annually, whereas sharks can manage to get only about 5 of us.

Dinosaur water

We know that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and there were plenty of them. But do you know that the probability of drinking water that has passed through a dinosaur is around 100%? It’ll be just a molecule or two, but still, that’s dinosaur piss you’re drinking. Think about that next time you buy an overpriced bottle of Evian.

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