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12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Time really seems to be whizzing past us, particularly in this year of perilous pandemics leaving us locked in our homes. But that’s why it’s all the more important to celebrate momentous occasions as they come before they fly right past us. October is the month that begins to bring in the spirit of the holiday season. Before we start getting our Christmas decorations out, we need to drape our homes with spooky spider webs, hang some bat-coated wreaths upon our doors, and prepare for some Halloween hijinks.

For those trying to avoid excessive trips to shopping complexes, don’t let the pandemic put a damper in your creepy crawly celebrations. The best Halloween decorations are actually homemade! Just take a look at these incredibly fun and easy-to-make DIY decorations perfect for this spooktacular season, and get ready for some good old fashioned family fright nights!

1. Halloween Wreath

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Start off your Halloween decorating with something simple, like these eerily dark Halloween wreaths. It’s easy enough to make using black fabric and various sized stencils of maple leaves to create the “haunted woods” effect. Hang it on your front door so all passersby know that your home is Halloween ready.

2. Smoke-o-Lantern

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Turn your jack-o-lantern into a misty and mysterious smoke-o-lantern that shrouds its victims in a blinding fog before attacking! It’s an easy craft with an overwhelmingly cool result. The first step is simply carving your jack-o-lantern.

Once that is complete, you can add the smoky effect by using dry ice just prior to receiving guests, or a miniature fog/smoke machine. You can also create your own “instant smoke machine” using some tealight candle, nails, deionized water, and glycerine.

3. Hanging Spooky Spiderweb

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

If you don’t want to invest in store-bought spiderwebs that have a tendency to cling and get caught in the decor, you can make your own wider spiderwebs using only white yarn. For those that are comfortable with knitting or crocheting, this will be an easy task.

Even if you’re not handy with a needle or knots, you can always use glue to ensure you get the shape and thickness you want. Add to the illusion with some paper insects and pinecone spiders (see the next decoration on our list).

4. Pinecone Spiders

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Who says DIY and budget-friendly decorations can’t also be all-natural and eco-friendly? Make your own eight-legged creepy crawly critters using only pinecones and twigs. Start by painting the pine cone black and whatever other colors you want your spider to be. You can either paint on the eyes or glue on a couple of store-bought googly-eyes.

Glue eight long twigs onto both sides of the pinecone (4 on either side) for the legs. You can also make the legs with cardboard and paint them black. Attach a string to the top of the pinecone and presto! You’ve got your own hanging arachnid.

5. Beast-o-Lanterns

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Tired of plain old jack-o-lanterns and their cheeky grins? Get creative with your pumpkin carvings and give different types of Halloween themed stencils a try. These shapes can include everything from creatures of the night like wolves, bats, spiders, and blacks cats.

If you are especially skilled at creating these unusual carvings then you can search for more elaborate designs like witches on broomsticks, bubbling cauldrons, and headless horsemen, just to name a few.

6. Halloween Shadowboxes

12 Spooky Decoration Ideas For Halloween

Halloween shadow boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, but essentially they require a hollow space for Halloween-inspired decorating or fitting in drawn, painted, or cardboard cut-out scenes and silhouettes.

Pumpkin shadow boxes are the most common type found during Halloween, though the designs work equally well with any well-decorated orange-colored Halloween-themed hollow space including a box or old drawer like in the photograph.

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