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12 Shocking Strange Rules Applicable In North Korea

You must not take pictures, do not buy condoms, do not access the international network and do not eat fast food.

Blue Jean


Korean people should not wear blue jeans. If you are a tourist, this rule is not applicable, but it is best not to encounter the strange eyes of the locals, you should not wear this type of clothing. You can replace it with black jeans.



In Korea, people can use computers but can only access the intranet. You cannot access wifi because simply there is no wifi here. International sites are also blocked, people can only access about 1,000-5,500 domestic websites. All kinds of tablets sold in Korea are made by China but have been removed the wifi and bluetooth features.

Do not spend local currency.


Tourists must not use the local currency of Korea. Visitors can only buy goods in their own shops, where you can pay in euros, yuan, Korean won or USD but cannot use Korean money. And they are also restricted from buying anything at local shops.

Bicycle with sea


In Korea, those who own a vehicle are certainly very wealthy and powerful because their cost is very high and not everyone can buy it. Even a bike is expensive and rarely seen on the road. All bicycles have license plates, just like cars. Most people use public transport such as subway or bus.

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