Wednesday , April 24 2024

10 GIFs That Show Why Driving In India Is No Fun

When it comes to driving in India, there is only one rule – that there is no rule. Head to the streets of any city or town in India to see the madness unfold. From roads transforming into F1 tracks to pedestrians taking a stroll on busy roads, they are all contributing to one sad reality. Driving is no longer fun in India. Here’s visual proof. And after reading this story tell us if you agree with us or not. Use #DrivingNoFun.

1. The Curious Case Of Traffic Jams

The roads are a great leveler. You may own an Audi or an Auto, it doesn’t matter. You will both be stuck in traffic, staring at each other and cursing under your breath.

2. The Slow Moving Traffic Chronicles

If you were an alien from Mars, then driving on Indian roads would give you a lesson in the history of transportation. Because every mode of transport from the time the wheel was invented, you will find here! From the bullock cart, to camels, to the Ferrari. Result, the slowest vehicle/animal on the road dictates the pace of traffic!

3. Potholes That Turn Into Mini Swimming Pools During The Monsoon

It happens every year. The municipal corporation promises to fix potholes by the time monsoons arrive, but never do. Perhaps the only solution is what these creative folks did!

4. The Crazy High Beam

Often drivers blind the ones coming from opposite direction. How? By driving with their headlights on high beam. This leads to fatal accidents. Please guys, use headlights on dipper and respect life.

5. Playing A Video Game On Indian Roads

No one, absolutely NO ONE, knows how to maintain his/her lane here. People will squeeze into the smallest space just to get one inch forward. It’s just like a video game.

6. Jaywalkers

Don’t underestimate the power of a common pedestrian. Every rule, every law stands nullified when it comes to pedestrians crossing roads. These folks suddenly come in front of your vehicle without any warning and then give you a stupid look, as if you were somehow to blame!

7. Animals Have Rights Too

Everyone knows how much we respect animals in India. We worship some of them. So when you have to take that life threatening swerve just to avoid hitting a cow, grin and bear. Cos “gaaye humaari mata hai!”

8. Biker Boys And Uncles From Dhoom Land

These are the most annoying of all. These racers will weave through traffic at break neck speed as if there’s no tomorrow. Thanks, but we only like Fast and Furious on the big screen!

9. Emergency Light Show

A lot of drivers use emergency lights while entering tunnels. Why, I mean why do they have to do that? It’s wrong and can be very distracting for the traffic behind.

10. Honking

One basic question that is illustrated beautifully in the video above. What do you hope to achieve by honking in a traffic jam or at a traffic signal when the light is red? Honking doesn’t solve anything. Please avoid.

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