Friday , April 19 2024

Woman Leaves City Life Behind To Photograph Australia’s Remotest Landscapes

Imagine leaving it all behind – leaving your boring city job and failed relationship behind to escape into the wild Australian outback and embrace your dreams. That’s exactly what nature and landscape photographer Julie Fletcher did 12 years ago when she left Sydney to take absolutely stunning photos of the Australian outback.

Fletcher’s photography captures the majestic beauty of Australia’s remote Southern region in all of its glory. She captures everything from haunting barren desert landscapes to beautiful beaches, and all the wildlife in between. Some of her photographs have received international recognition from the National Geographic and other prestigious organizations.

“There is nothing out there but at the same time there is so much if you just see and not just look,” she told Daily Mail. “This area has made me a better photographer by challenging me all the time. I am constantly looking for a different approach on the same subject.”

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