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8 Things That You Learn From Travelling

Have you ever wondered why looking into the horizon from the top of a hill soothes your insides like you’re eating strawberry ice-cream after a very spicy meal? Or why, sitting on the beach with the water lapping at your feet lets you unravel

your deepest thoughts about your hopes and dreams for the future? Or how, meeting new people in a place you’ve never been before sometimes helps you build relationships that last you a lifetime? It’s the magic of travelling, one that will stay with you for as long as you want.

Here are 8 things that travelling teaches you:

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1. There is beauty in everything.

When you travel, you gain a certain kind of perspective that you’ve never had before. You see things for what they are, and admire them for how they make you feel. Whether it’s a gigantic river or the ruins of an ancient civilization, you learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

2. You are no longer afraid of experimenting.

Whether it is with food, an adventure sport, a traditional dress or a gorgeous Frenchman, travelling opens your mind like nothing ever will. You start to admire the diversity and inculcate as much as you can with every trip you take.

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