Wednesday , September 30 2020

8 Quaint Village Tourism Spots You Must Visit Around India


Rural India continues to host sites that offer pristine natural surroundings, lifestyles that are untouched by technology, gastronomical experiences that are defined by simplicity and housing conditions that will change your perception of modern-day necessities.

The rural tourism destinations listed below offer you a choice between authentic rural experiences or those where you’d see aspects of modern-day comfort stitched into rural surroundings. On one hand you can dabble in local activities such as farming, animal husbandry, textile or mat weaving, fishing or even wrestling, while on the other you could just kick back, relax and experience something completely new.

1. Purushwadi


About 71 kms from Igatpuri, you’ll travel up winding roads that edge stepped fields, watch children hitchhike or walk for what seems like miles to school and witness villagers go about their farming and goat herding on green pastures.

The village will introduce you to a different way of life where you will spend your afternoon as a guest in a mountain-side home looking down at the river gush in the valley while the never-ending clouds pass dreamily overhead.


You’ll sample simple village food of the Mahadeo Kohli tribe and cane-boosted black tea that will keep you high on energy. Or that’s at least why the farmers have ultra-sweet tea.

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