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20 Amazing Photographs Of Indonesia

Indonesia is a most marvelous country, spread out over a vast part of South East Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Full of gorgeous long beaches, a tropical climate, wonderful natural locations and a rich cultural heritage, Indonesia has become one of the world’s premier tourist hot spots. Have a look at our amazing guide to this perfect place!
Whether you are interested in scuba diving through colorful reefs, spotting thousands of species of animals and plants, trekking up mountains and over national parks, shopping in big cities, and enjoying traditional delicious cuisine, Indonesia might just be the best place inAsia to visit.
1. View of Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Indonesia has around 250 million inhabitants and is the world’s biggest island country. It has more than 1700 islands, just over half of which are inhabited. About 150 islands are actually active volcanoes.
2. Gunug Kelut, East Java

It is both the fourth most populated country in the world, and the country with the largest number of Muslims. Half the population lives in Java, which is the world’s most populated island.

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