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15 Most Breathtaking Sites In Slovakia To Visit In A Lifetime

Slovakia is located in Central Europe, bordering Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. It features many magnificent castles, historical town sites, and a breathtaking view of nature atop the mountain peaks. My bet is, these 15 stunning images may just convince you as to why Slovakia should be high atop your list of places to visit.

1) Bojnice Castle

The city of Bojnice is, perhaps, the most historical town in the country, renowned for its medieval castle. It’s located in the upper Nitra river valley, just below the Strážov Mountains. Many tourists flock to see the legendary Bojnice Castle, which also hosts many international film festivals and events each year.

2) High Tatras Mountains

The magnificent Tatra Mountains can be found on the border between Poland and Slovakia. You can go for long scenic hikes along the mountain trails, or go skiing along the breathtaking slopes in the resort town of Starý Smokovec.

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