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13 Reasons To Leave Amsterdam Next Time You’re In Holland

Holland (AKA The Netherlands) is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, combining gorgeous waterways, lush vegetation, ideal weather, and fascinating architecture. Sadly, many tourists don’t venture out of Amsterdam (Holland’s capital), and miss out on all the beauty this country has to offer. Whether you’ve visited before or you’d to go there in the future, remember these 13 locations, some of which surpass Amsterdam in beauty, and all of which will provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

1. Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse

The Keukenhof Gardens are spectacular botanical gardens located in the city of Lisse, and have earned the nickname “Europe’s Gardens”. Established in 1949 to allow flower merchants and growers to display Holland’s flower variety, it now sees some seven million new flower plants yearly. These gardens spread over 320 square meters (3444 square feet), making them the world’s largest flower gardens, and attracting scores of visitors annually.

Please note that tours are available during Tulip season (March-May).

2. Markthal, Rotterdam

Markthal is a large market located in a huge compound that also includes apartments and office buildings in the city of Rotterdam. The new compound was opened in 2014, and cost $201 million. It has 228 apartments and over a hundred stores, bars, and food stands. The building itself is made of grey stone, and the front is decorated with small glass windows, held in place by steel wires. Visitors can also enjoy the world’s largest mural, painted over four thousand pieces of glass in the building’s inner part. The mural is the work of artist Arno Coenen, which was selected out of nine international contestants and drawn in a unique three-dimensional method.

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