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12 Places Around The World Where You Can Learn How To Snorkel

Warning: The pictures in the story might leave you feeling very, very dry and desperate for adventure.

So what’s the longest you’ve held your breath in a pool? Imagine if you could do it for an hour in the open ocean while fish swim about in front of you in a real-life version of Finding Nemo? What if someone told you there were some ship wrecks you could explore (the gold is probably gone, but who knows)? Ask anyone who’s been snorkeling in their lives and they’ll tell you just why the above-water world seems boring after. Here are some of the best places around the world you can go snorkeling in.

1. Angaga Island, Maldives

White sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, sea turtles, tropical fish and a healthy coral reef are every snorkeler’s delight – and Angaga Island in Maldives will not fail you. What makes Maldives special for snorkelers is the presence of rare marine life species like the giant Napoleon Wrasse. There are several courses on diving, snorkelling included, at the Sub Aqua DiveCenter on Angaga Island, for both children and adults.

2. Mahebourg Bay, Mauritius

Mauritius is almost entirely encircled by a coral reef, making it an excellent destination for snorkelling. In its beautiful waters, you will rub fins with dolphins, angel fish, damselfish, parrotfish, wrasse, clownfish and other gorgeous creatures of the ocean, and of course beautiful corals. At Case Nautique, 2 hours of snorkelling costs just Rs 850 per person.

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