Thursday , September 28 2023

9 Places You Have To Eat At When You’re In Kolkata For A Day

So you just have a day to eat your way through Calcutta? Fret not! Here’s our guide to what you should eat and where. Let’s hope you keep up 🙂

1. Tiretta Bazaar, Sun Yat Sen Street

Make your way to the Chinese Bazaar. It’s best to come early in the morning before everything is sold out. Momos, dimsums, strings of Chinese sausage, fishball noodle soup, pao and various other delectable treats are hawked by vendors to make your breakfast experience memorable. While you’re at it, stop by the shop selling Chinese goodies and wares and learn about the history of the community’s influence on the city.

2. Kathi Roll at Zeeshan, Sarat Bose Road

Kathi Rolls literally define Kolkata’s streets, remaining unique to the city while having illegitimate cousins in other parts of the country. Zeeshan’s rolls are affordable, and the best part is that they know how health conscious you are, so they’ll spare you the barrel of oil and gunpowder fillings of spices. We highly recommend the egg tikiya roll that’s fluffy and smooth, juxtaposed with the crisp doughy texture of the paratha wrapping it. The chicken rolls here are good too.

3. Nahoum & Sons Jewish Bakery, New Market

This iconic remnant of Kolkata’s dwindling Jewish community is a must-visit in the city for a sweet treat you can’t entirely label as western. Home to brownies, rumballs, biscuits and pastries, if you’re looking for something light, do try the jam tarts or lemon puffs. They’re absolutely divine!

4. Regent, Chowringhee Place

If you’re still feeling peckish, head behind the heritage hotel, Oberoi Grand, and find yourself at Regent, which doesn’t look as noble as the name suggests. Their mutton biryani is worth a try but the main star of this establishment is the Kabiraji cutlet, a fried slice of fish served with chips. Perhaps an Indian alternative to the English Fish n’ Chips.

5. Kewpies, Elgin Lane

Tucked away in a quaint corner, Kewpies is the place to go to for an authentic Bengali meal if you don’t have someone who can treat you to a home-cooked meal. Served in terracotta utensils, feast on the absolutely traditional Daab Chingri (prawns in coconut sauce), Mangsho (mutton curry) and Malai curry chingri (prawns in spicy cream sauce). If you’re looking for Bengali food on a plate, just opt for the thali.

6. Bhim Chandra Nag, Nirmal Chandra Street

One of Kolkata’s oldest and most legendary sweet shops, the sondesh and rasgulla here is the most authentic.

7. Gangurams, Bow Bazaar

Now that you’ve tried the sweets that make this city so joyful, try some more! Gangurams not only makes excellent Bengali sweets, but also mithai from other parts of India.

8. Bohemian, Old Ballygunge 1st Lane

The starters, panch phoran chicken escalope and vodka soaked prawns are delicious, juicy beauties. Your main courses should be Gondhoraj Lime Bhekti (cod in King Lime sauce) and Aam Aada Bhekti (cod in mango and ginger sauce). Yup, it’s fine dining Bengali style!

9. Peter Cat, Park Street

If there’s just one thing you need to try in this Anglo Indian restaurant, it’s the Chello Kebab. A platter of steamed rice with two types of kebabs, topped with a fried egg and a slab of butter melting on top. Not up for it? The mixed sizzler is equally good.

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