Saturday , November 26 2022

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25 Beautiful Aerial Photos Around The World

Even the most devoted homebodies must have felt the travel bug awaken in them at some point during the lockdowns of the past year. But for Jano and Oliver, two brothers from Germany, wanderlust is a constant state. The adventurous duo has been traveling the world for several years. Besides …

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Feel The Beauty Of Autumn In New England

Sometimes, all we need to brighten up our day is some aesthetic pleasure, and it doesn’t get more beautiful than autumn in New England. This gorgeous video shows you how the Acadian forests of Vermont explode with a multitude of colors in fall, a sight countless tourists gather to admire …

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Blue Salt Fields In Australia Look Like Paintings

  Reading an online blog I came across blue salt fields in Australia. Photographer Simon Butterworth took aerial shots of them. Photos of blue salt fields look so surreal, like patterns of abstract painting. It’s obvious that he is worth the appreciation and he was also shortlisted for the 2015 …

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