Friday , April 19 2024

Cat Hairband Lets You Wear An Entire Kitten On Your Head

We know that cat-related headgear is popular, but Japanese designer Campanella has doubled down, creating a cat hairband that will place a life-sized kitty on your head. This concept is really funny and I am sure that we will see more such stuff.

Though she does not produce the headband regularly, the outpouring of interest and support she received after showing it off at Design Festa, an annual expo in Tokyo, will hopefully inspire her to make some for the next big Tokyo design event. Designer Campanella runs a blog about what seem to be her three biggest passions: fashion accessories, interior design, and cats. Campanella is also a regular participant at Design Festa, the annual Tokyo expo that features works by both professional and amateur creators.

During the 2012 event, Campanella took a break from manning her booth to stroll around and see what her fellow exhibitors had brought with them. That didn’t mean she had to stop displaying her own works, though, as shown in this selfie of the artist with her face obscured but her kitty-shaped hair accessory in plain view.

Cat Hairband Brings Whole Kitten on Head

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