Friday , April 19 2024

Photographer Uses iPhone For This Model’s Photoshoot

Sydney-based photographer Aaron Browning was just about to start a perfectly planned shoot on a sunny day when he picked up his camera to discover it wasn’t working. Rather than rescheduling and going home, Browning got resourceful and decided to use his iPhone 6. His results were better than anyone could have anticipated.

Using the power of iOS 10 and an app called Camera+, which allows users to shoot raw image files, Browning managed to pull off a flawless photoshoot. His shots look like the work of a professional set, making it hard to believe they were shot on a phone camera and edited in Lightroom. “To be fair, I’d already been fairly practiced in limiting myself on shoots,” Browning wrote on a PetaPixel post. “The iPhone limited me even further, so it was a really great challenge.”

His model, Jasmine Scorse-Chen, was reportedly a good sport about the whole thing, and was even eager to try the boundary-pushing technique.

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