Tuesday , May 21 2024

Images That Show The Shocking Consequences Of Excess Photo-Editing

Giuseppe Pepe, an artist and head designer at Space Ibiza, believes photographs today have lost their true meaning and are only edited to look good. A common example is Instagram, where users go through a lot of effort in presenting the perfect image.

His objective in removing the face of the picture completely is to add the element of anti-beauty.

“In an era where everything is fake, where everything is designed to appear, even a simple photo has lost its spirit due to the editing. I decided to create a project that did reflect, or where the secondary part of the picture becomes the main part.”, said Pepe to vice

Taking the permission of some of his favourite Instagram users, he got to work on his project and now receives several submissions that he happily nkgers and adds to his imperfect collection.

When asked what the objective of his project was, he had this to say, “How would we look without our heads, without our body engine? This image may look funny, scary, unique… I thought, why not ‘decapitate’ our heads off to see what it looks like. The result came, and it can be amazing.”

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